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Chris Brown Announces Partnership with Jimmy Owens and LG2 Chassis

Spring, Texas (11/25/13) – Chris Brown and Brown Motorsports are proud to announce a partnership with Jimmy Owens Racing and the LG2 Open Wheel Modified Chassis as they will now serve as an official dealer for the new chassis.

"I've known Jimmy (Owens) for a while, and I really respect what he has been able to accomplish on and off the track in the racing world," notes Brown.  "I really like what he's doing with the new chassis.  I couldn't be more excited to be a part of his team, and we are excited to be offering some of our own custom options on the cars as well."

As an official LG2 dealer Brown Motorsports will offer both a lift arm car as well as a pull bar version of their own custom car, which is called the LG21.  Each version will come complete with a specific shock and spring package exclusive to Brown Motorsports.

"The response has been phenomenal so far, and we are currently working on customer cars trying to get the jump on next season," says Brown.  "We expect more frames to be delivered by mid December, and although most of those frames are spoken for there are still a few slots available.  It's never too early to start preparation for the 2014 season."

Customer service is extremely important to Brown Motorsports, and Chris Brown reflects this in his mission statement.

"With what we are doing with this new endeavor, we are perhaps most proud of the customer service and support that we will be providing to our great clients.  So many times you hear people in our sport complaining that they can't get help over the phone or at the track for their race cars.  Our goal is to provide each and every customer with top-to-bottom support, whenever they need it."

Brown Motorsports also offers a full service shop for all your race car needs including scaling, sheet metal work, etc.

For answers to any questions or for pricing Chris Brown can be reached at the Brown Motorsports shop at 281-432-0449. 

In the coming weeks a full array of services and products will be added to the Chassis page at so please check back often for the latest updates.